target dog breed

target dog breed:

Those who want to know the target dog breed that appears in the target advertising.

English bull terrier

Bullseye first appeared in Target’s renowned 1999 ad campaign “Sign of the Times,” which featured a white English bull terrier with the Target logo over his left eye, set to a modified version of Petula Clark’s 1960s pop song “A Sign of the Times.”

The Bull Terrier was developed to combine the terrier’s spirit and agility with the Bulldog’s courage and tenacity. The gentry kept white-coated Bull Terriers as pets, which became known as ‘White Cavaliers.’

The Dog’s General Appearance

The Bull Terrier is a powerful, well-built dog that is active and determined. His head is his most distinguishing characteristic, with an almost flat top, a lengthy slope from the forehead to the end of the nose, and enormous, erect ears.

His eyes are deep and dark, with a piercing gleam in them.

They are tiny and positioned obliquely.

His black nose is pointing down.


The Bull Terrier’s hips and shoulders are broad and powerful, and his hips and shoulders are widely set.

His chest is big and deep. His body is slender, with short, powerful legs.

To maintain his body mass, the Bull Terrier’s straight legs are set far apart.

The Bull Terrier’s tail is short and pointed, and it is carried horizontally.


  • Color of the Coat

The Bull Terrier’s coat color can be entirely white with no other color except white markings on the head, or any color other than white with white markings. Black, brindle, red, fawn, and tri-color are the most likely colors.


  • Type of Coat


The coat of the Bull Terrier is short, tight, rigid to the touch, and gleaming.


  • 20 – 24 inches tall


  • Weight range: 45-80 pounds

Bull Terrier Dog Temperament

If care is taken to find a competent breeder, the Bull Terrier can make an excellent family pet. The Bull Terrier is a brave, happy-go-lucky, energetic, and entertaining dog. He thrives on company and attention. And he’s full of life, always wanting to be in the thick of things.


Bull Terriers may be docile and pleasant if properly socialized and trained. They are stubborn and difficult to teach.

You must carefully examine whether you are competent of being his pack leader for the rest of your life, as he needs someone who has a mental understanding of the pack and how to lead it.

He must also be raised in a household where his children do not tease him and have high regard for him and his belongings.


Bull Terriers are notorious for being possessive and protective of their possessions.

They usually don’t get along with other animals.

They make excellent watchdogs.


Because of the breed’s dominant and protective attitude, they should never be left unattended in the presence of canines they don’t know — most are dog hostile.

In training, Bull Terriers are too strong for children or older persons to manage.


Better suited to an indoor or outdoor lifestyle?


Bull Terriers must be kept inside. They suffer from a variety of allergies and skin conditions.

They’ll be fine in an apartment, but they’re quite energetic and require extensive walks on a daily basis.

If Bull Terriers are not adequately exercised, they will become lethargic and overweight. A tiny, securely gated yard is really beneficial.


Are they appropriate for families with children?


Because Bull Terriers are not particularly tolerant, they are not suggested for homes with children.

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