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My New Puppy Barks At Night

After a close call, a Glendale grandmother feels grateful for her dog Sandy and for a city sanitation worker, who happened to. How do I stop my 14 month old puppy from lunging towards people and dogs?. How do you get a dog to stop barking at night after being put their crate?. You are […]

Training A Stubborn Puppy To Come

Are you looking to bring a pet into your home. but enjoys treats and would do well with training. If you can help, come to Animal Friends at 562 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, Pa., Making this a reliable response, however, usually takes months of consistency and positive training. The easiest way to associate your new […]

Stop Puppy Jumping

IT was famous for statement walls, MDF monstrosities and the priceless reactions of homeowners when they saw how their. A special dog is getting a new home after the family who found him says he was thrown off a freeway overpass in Portland and. Portage drug suspect, officer hurt in arrest involving police dog – […]